Reflection on 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Year B

Commentary Theme for  14th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Year B. “The Power Of God Is ManifestedThrough Weakness.”  The Church as a ‘Prophet of God’ rejoices in the spirit of prophecy, even though the exercise of that charism does not bring her any honour from the world. It is exercised in weakness. The first reading describes the vocation … [Read more…]

Reflection for Birth of John the Baptist

Commentary Theme for The Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist : Year B. “John Prepares The Way For The Lord”. The first reading tells us of the faithful ‘Servant of God’, who will be the light of all peoples. There were those who thought the Baptist was such a light, but John the … [Read more…]

Reflection for the11th Sunday of Year B

Commentary Theme for the 11th Sunday: Year B “When God’s Life Grows In Us”.  The first reading is an invitation to keep on trusting in God always, particularly when our expectations seem to be disregarded and hopes appear to be in vain.  The second reading could be transformed with this theme because it shows the … [Read more…]

Reflections on Most Holy Trinity

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity: Year B.  Commentary Theme for this Sunday:   “In What Kind Of God Do We Believe?”  The First Reading tells us that the God of the Bible is different from the gods of the pagans and from the ones worshipped by other religions; our God is never far, but … [Read more…]

Commentary on Pentecost

Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “The Coming Of The Spirit.” The First Reading tells us that it is the Spirit who forms this new family, the Church. Luke in the Acts of Apostles sets the Church’s beginning on the day of Pentecost. In the Second Reading, Paul calls everything apposed to love, the ‘flesh’. Through … [Read more…]

Commentary on the 7th Sunday of Easter

Commentary Theme for  7th Sunday of Easter: “Prayers for the Future. ”  In the first reading, Peter lays down the criteria for Judas’ replacement. It was to be one of the men who had been with Jesus from the beginning of Jesus’ public life until Jesus was taken up to heaven. The candidate had to … [Read more…]

Commentary on 6th Sunday of Easter

Commentary Theme for this Sunday: “God Reveals Himself To His Friends As Love. ”  The First reading reflects that God has no favourites, shows no partiality and blesses whoever practices justice. The Second Reading tells us that the decision to love is not ours, it is God’s. So ‘everyone who loves is from God and knows … [Read more…]

Commentary on 5th Sunday of Easter

Commentary Theme for 5th Sunday of Easter : “Whoever Remains in Me will Produce Much Fruit. ” The First Reading tells us of Paul who, in spite of all difficulties, misunderstandings and suspicions, preserved his union with Christ and with the community of his disciples. The Second Reading draws our attention to another point. Our … [Read more…]